Top 20 Pranks, Stunts And Fakes In 2008

 - Dec 28, 2008   Updated: Apr 21 2011
This countdown features the top pranks, fakes and hoaxesin the last year. The report is ranked based on monthly traffic (several million monthly views) and our pranks database, which now has more than 1,919 pranks, hoaxes and fakes.

Implications - Some of my favorites of these 1,919 pranks include DIY Ghost Photography, Morbid Candy, Governmental Fun with Photoshop and UFO Crash Publicity Stunts. Pranks and hoaxes are a great way to gain publicity if used by a company, which you can see firsthand examples of in this list. Though they are often controversial, strange and sometimes infuriating, hoaxes and pranks persist in today's pop culture.