From Graffiti Chocolate Bars to Graffiti Robots (GALLERY)

 - Jun 26, 2007   Updated: Apr 20 2011
If your a regular at Trend Hunter, you'll probably guess that I love graffiti. Accordingly we've featured dozens of posts in the category from Banksy to technologies like the GraffitiWriter Automated Graffiti Robot.

This list features the top 20 innovations in the world graffiti, contributed by our global network of Trend Hunters.

Implications - Graffiti is clearly here to stay, considering the mainstream success it's gotten. Since artists like Shepard Fairey and Invader have had their own art galleries, street art is finally being accepted as a legitimate art form. Like all subcultural mediums, graffiti is being taken advantage of by companies looking to reach a certain demographic. Whether it's through decor pieces, apparel or even video games, adaptation of this style is everywhere.