Trend Hunter CONTEST Ends December 6 (Get Your $4,000 Idea In!)

 - Dec 3, 2008
The Biggest Loser is a top-notch reality show, but you could have come up with that idea, right? Trend Hunter and the producers of Big Brother, Fear Factor and Deal or No Deal are still looking for your big idea! Don't you want a shot at fame? It doesn't cost anything, and it really only takes a few minutes.

The contest ends December 6!

There are so many idea possibilities: just look at the crazy shows that are already in production. Bisexual twin reality dating shows, becoming Paris Hilton's new BFF, family-themed The Biggest Loser shows and crowdsourced home renos.

If you're really stuck for any idea, brain storm with your friends or family (just make sure they agree to split the $4,000 when you win it, and that they don't take all the credit when your TV show idea is actually produced!)

For some fun ways to generate ideas, check out the cluster below.