- Dec 1, 2011
Bronzed babe editorials have been gaining popularity with the return of beach godess style. With phenomenons like the reality series Jersey Shore, tans are back in a big way and being pale is becoming a huge no-no.

Bronzed skin makes individuals look and feel healthy. While some argue that tans are an unhealthy decision because of their danger to our skin, one cannot argue that being bronzed feels great. With safer tanning methods like spray tans and bronzing creams, tanned skin can feel firmer and brighter, reminding us of the summer months during times of darkness and cold.

High fashion often showcases tanning in two different ways. Whether it is taken to an extreme or beautified and glamorized, bronzed babe editorials are all the rage. Guidette or glam -- it's your pick.

These High Style Tanned Fashion Shoots are Too Hot to Handle: