From Paint to Blood, These Pictorials are Covered in Color

 - Nov 16, 2010   Updated: Mar 31 2011
These splattered spreads give way to the child-like, free-flowing fun of splashing paint, ink or even fake blood. Favored amongst fashion pictorials and lookbooks, the aesthetic of splattered spreads works well with clothing that is clean cut, as it adds impeccable contrast.

From paint-splattered faces to sensual splashy photography, here are some exciting splattered spreads for your viewing pleasure.

Implications - Neat, tidy and proper art and advertisements are no longer capturing the attention of consumers in the same way that messy, edgy and splattered pieces do. The visceral imagery of colorful mayhem appeals to a modern age where so many things are uncertain and, at times, even chaotic. This is something that consumers definitely can relate to.