- Oct 17, 2013
Put on your astronaut pants, count down from ten and prepare for take off because these intergalactic space themed looks will rocket you into space. Galactic designs look so incredible because they blend beautiful hues of color and include glittery, shimmering details. The designs also inspire curiosity and a fascination with the unknown -- especially the vast universe just outside our atmosphere.

Star Wars fans and Astrology-lovers alike will enjoy the beautiful pieces of jewelry, outfits, shoes and cosmetic tutorials that focus on the theme of space. You can accessorize with a galactic explorer watch or spruce up your shoes with cosmic universe shoelaces. You can even propose to your beloved with droid-inspired wedding bands.

There are no limits to the otherworldly joy you will get when you look at these space themed celestial items -- the sky's the limit!

From Blazing Beauty Editorials to Sci-Fi Denim Jacket Accents: