From Eco-Friendly Clocks to Hybrid Mainstream Cars

 - Nov 17, 2008
Solar energy is considered one of the top alternatives for conventional fuels such as methanol, gasoline and jet fuel. Solar radiation generates heat that currently used in water heating, cooling and ventilation systems, as well as generating electricity.

Technology has advanced keeping solar energy in mind when building homes, designing cars, and recently, a wave of gadgets and consumer electronics.

Solar powered clocks is a good example of how environmentally friendly generated energy can be used in a simple concept that can be easily adapted by us.

The SOLAR CLOCK by SUCK UK is a practical and eco-friendly clock that features front solar panels that also saves energy to work during the night, while keeping the design clean, stylish and modern.

Solar power is slowly becoming adapted into mainstream car manufacturers such as Toyota who aim to sell "at least 1 million hybrid cars a year in the early part of the next decade by offering the fuel-saving system on more vehicles."