From Pigtails to Schoolgirl Skirts, Innocence is Surpisingly Seductive

 - Jun 28, 2011
Even if you haven't read the classic Nabokov novel, these naughty lolita spreads will definitely leave you feeling a bit seduced.

These editorials and photo shoots all play on the young schoolgirl fantasy; with pigtails and frilly skirts, the girls look all too innocent to actually be that way. These naughty lolita spreads are sensual without being overly exaggerated and that is exactly what makes them appealing.

Take a look at all of the lolita inspiration and you might find yourself being drawn in by the subtle innocent act.

Implications - No longer interested in overtly revealing styles, consumers are looking for subtler designs. Products that maintain their classic aesthetic while still being attractive are more appealing than those which try to be overtly sexual. Designers could focus on maintaining a sense of mystery in their pieces to please more modest shoppers.