From Neon Mankinis to Bruno-Style Crash Landings

 - Jun 6, 2009
Sacha Baron Cohen has absolutely shocked and delighted audiences all around the world with his crazy and amazing characters.

The most memorable Sacha Baron Cohen character thus far, and the one who stands out the most in people’s minds, is the character "Borat," a lovable foreigner that came to America seeking his fortune and a better life. The mankini that Borat sported in his movie caught the attention of the fashion world, and soon this fashion faux-pas was gracing the catwalks of the most prestigious runways.

Presently, Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Bruno has received a lot of media attention, especially when Bruno landed, crotch first, on top of world-renowned rapper Eminem. What does the future hold for this talented comedian? Only time will tell.