From Sailor Boy Editorials to 80s Punk Beach Ensembles

 - Jun 24, 2013
Summer allows people to dress in all sorts of manner of clothing, and while many individuals adhere to conventional mainstream looks, retro-inspired ensembles are slowly becoming a look that many people are willing to flaunt around these days.

From classic white beach dresses to 80s-inspired, sporty street wear, this list contains several retro summer looks that’ll make anyone stand out from the rest of the modern day conformist in today’s society. The sudden growth in interest in shows like Mad Men has brought about this sense of nostalgia in many people—and who can blame them? The dapper suits, the beehive hairstyles, the crisp cut dresses and vibrantly colored swimwear have inspired waves of people digging up their grandparents’ wardrobe to sport these vintage looks.