- Jan 12, 2013
Prada is a luxury label commonly associated with ornate designs, and this list of distinct Prada accessories validates this statement.

Miuccia Prada understands that there is a huge market for more than just clothes. She has branched out her brand with sister label Miu Miu and is continuously churning out new and refreshing products. Prada merchandise available on the market is not limited to decorative technology cases, ornamental jewelry, sunglasses and bedazzled shoes. Miuccia adorns her accessories with one-of-a-kind embellishments and in doing so makes her products stand out in a competitive market. Prada is and will remain successful as she expands her brand and collections.

This list of Prada accessories will blow your mind and highlight a successfully branded company.

From Ornamental Charm Jewelry to Chic Sunglasses: