- Apr 25, 2014
While kids these days have access to a wide array of high-tech playthings, digital toys and virtual forms of entertainment, the good old-fashioned paper toy is one toy trend that manages to persist for generations.

Interestingly, some toy-makers have taken the view that high-tech toys and paper-based toys need not be mutually exclusive, by adding high-tech electronic features to toys that are constructed out of paper. This has led to new interpretations of classic paper toys like rockets and boats.

A lot of the appeal of paper-based toys is also a result of their low cost; paper is cheap and easily available, and one can construct fun toys using nothing but paper. Paradoxically, the spread of the Internet is actually helping keep paper-based toys alive as people can now easily access instructions for putting together their own paper toys.

From Paper Animal Faces to App-Controlled Paper Airplanes: