- Oct 20, 2011
Ever had that weird nightmare where you suddenly find yourself out in public sans pants? If this is a commonly recurring fear you find plaguing you in dreamland, you'll be happy to know that pantless productions are actually becoming more mainstream in wide-awake reality.

Models are being sent down the runways displaying couture clothing but missing trousers; lookbooks are highlighting stylish tops by boasting beauties that are pants-free and even photo shoots are featuring captures with no jeans or cargos in sight. Mega sports brand Reebok has added to the movement by creating a 'No Pants Day' campaign to boost the confidence of those wishing to shed their layers of lower limb clothing.

The world no longer seems to care about the right to bear arms but now, with more and more pantless productions popping up, it's all about the right to bare legs!

From Bottomless Marketing Campaigns to Pantless Photo Shoots: