From Sultry Crimson Dresses to Fiery Vintage Gowns

 - Nov 28, 2012
Outfits for holiday parties are difficult to select because events such as office gatherings and family celebrations require extra thought and careful attention to tact.

It is, alas, best to opt for classically jolly attire that boasts an apt tastefulness. Sporting the color red is both bold and attention-grabbing with versatile functionality.Countless fashion icons, models and celebrities have successfully sported the color in ways that vary from come hither to subtly understated.

Draw inspiration form this compiled list of rouge utilization to create your own variation of the classic holiday shade. From cerise lipstick and statement accessories to dazzling rouge gowns, these chic options are sure to inspire your outfits for holiday parties. Make Santa blush with your scarlet style and turn heads during this year’s wintry festivities.