From Modern Robed Menswear to Debonair Suits

 - Jan 10, 2013
In honor of the Oscar nominations being announced, this list of Academy Award-worthy men's looks is a glimpse into possible wardrobe choices for actors this year. The Oscars is a celebration for all and the red carpet will feature just as many men as women. Although couture gowns may steal the spotlight, there is still room for heavy-hitting male celebrities and their fashions.

With male-focused categories such as "best male actor in a leading role" and "best supporting actor," Hollywood's hot male figures need to bust out their best duds. This means stylists all over the world are cooing and prepping for the big event. The Oscars is a full-fledged event and requires formal looks. Men will certainly be decked out in suits, bow ties and their finest formalwear.

The Oscar nominations are out and one can only wait and see what menswear will be seen on the red carpet.