Okapi Pictures, Sarah Palin, Lesbianism and Stuff for Geeks

 - Sep 12, 2008
Okapi Pictures, Sarah Palin hunting and Kylie Monogue considering lesbianism are all topping our daily charts.  But the hottest post is killer cluster with 77 Pro-Geek Innovations.

To kick things off, the okapi pictures add to our list of rare animals caught on film.  The okapi, Africa’s unicorn, looks like a zebra that mated with a deer, and then a giraffe.  Unlike Bigfoot, it appears to be the real deal.

Sarah Palin hunting is just the latest in a long list of Palin features that have been buzzing on the site.  In fact, today I was on FOX News about Sarah Palin, and last week we were on CNN for the same topic… So I suppose her inclusion in the top 20 is no surprise.

Kylie Monogue also made the list, with her recent comments about wanting to toy with lesbianism.