From Millennial-Targeting Skincare Lines to Canned Wine Beverages

 - Dec 25, 2016
The following examples of Millennial gifts range in scope, with everything from clothing and decor to lifestyle and technology being featured.

The brand 'H20+' chose to redesign its skincare line in order to better target Millennial demographics. The brand did this by reformulating its products to suit the various skincare needs that this generation has. The cosmetics collection features ingredients like aloe, milk and sea salt -- all of which target those who have oily or sensitive skin.

In order to target Millennials, the 'Backpack Wine Co.' decided to create a beverage with a youthful identity. It came up with two wines -- a 'Cheeky Rose' and a 'Snappy White -- that are featured in vividly patterned, slim cans.