From Ruby Red Forest Spreads to Femme Fashiontography

 - Mar 7, 2013
These Michelangelo di Battista photoshoots have been produced on behalf of the Management + Artists + Organization member, a reputable company with roots in both New York and Paris. These and akin contracts have brought about his print productions with Vogue Germany, Vogue Italia and GQ Italia.

Vital aspects of Battista's portfolio include ruby red forest spreads and femme fatale fashiontography. His pictures often work with a diversity of themes, some relaying seduction and others roughness, dependent on the magazine and season. His advertising campaigns with Blugirl, Hugo Boss and Corello have been similarly inspired by seasons. Given his established career, he has also captured an assortment of remarkable celebrities, among them being his images of Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lopez.