- Mar 30, 2019
These March 2019 modern trends range from sculptural abstract homes to modular desk organizers. Standouts in the architecture realm include Penda's hutong design in Beijing. The unique housing project marries oversized and angular volumes with colorful, reflective glass. The interior is kept streamlined and simple, consisting of understated living areas that are impeccably curated to feature beautiful yet highly practical furnishings, fixtures and objects.

Other March 2019 modern trends to note include Precht's modular housing concept titled 'The Farmhouse.' Taking the concept of urban farming to new heights, the project concept features an abundance of greenery which is incorporated into its facade and aims to encourage city dwellers to cultivate their own food through a unique agricultural infrastructure.

Additional innovations to note include Ferm Living's gender-neutral play kitchen for children along with Here Design's stationary range which was custom created for Tate. The collection highlights abstract art prints and covers and is available in varying sizes for convenient on-the-go note-taking and sketching.

From Sculptural Abstract Homes to Modular Desk Organizers: