From Sci-Fi Couture to Feathered Fashions

 - Jun 8, 2012
In terms of surreal, futurist fashion, it doesn't get much more out there than these Madame Peripetie looks. The London-based photographer describes herself as a surrealist in the tradition of of Robert Wilson, Sci-Fi, post-punk and character design. All of these influences are seen in her work, yet she maintains a style that is undeniably original.

While much surreal and futurist fashion can be gimmicky, these Madame Peripetie looks are, despite their eccentricities, breathlessly natural. There is no hint of contrivance; rather, each detail of each outfit flows effortlessly from the concepts that inspire them.

Madame Peripetie explains on her Behance page that her work seeks to trace out the boundaries between sculpture, fashion and the human body through conceptual and abstract ideas. Indeed, her photography would be just as fitting in an art gallery as in the pages of a fashion editorial.