This Young and Beautiful Musician is Making Waves Everywhere

 - May 24, 2013
Since her pop culture debut in 2010, Lana Del Rey appearances have increased in number and variety. Once known as the darling of the Tumblr world, Del Rey -- formerly known as Lizzy Grant -- is now a force to be reckoned with in fashion, art and music. The singer's sorrow-dripped sound coupled with her often raunchy, yet deeply emotional lyrics have won her a special place in the hearts of the young, tortured and artistic citizens of the Internet. This, alongside her retro Americana-meets-trailer-park-chic sense of style, make her one of this generation's most creative icons.

This has resulted in tons of buzz surrounding her musical background (many believe she is an over-manufactured, disingenuous marketing tool for the "young and beautiful" hipsters of the world), as well as her current work. The latter involves endless photo shoots, a handful of campaigns with H&M and even an online sadness map.