From Gender-Bending Superheroes to Selfie-Exposing Apps

 - Jun 28, 2015
Feminism was at the forefront of the top June 2015 pop culture trends, offering a refreshing female-focused perspective.

The release of Mad Max: Fury Road, a new chapter in George Miller's action franchise that's being lauded as a feminist work, wasn't the only victory for women. Many artists and content creators dedicated their talents to making a statement about the inequality women face in the world, whether that be a lack of media representation (see: gender-bending superheroes) or lack of recognition in the realms of history, politics and government (see: feminist emojis).

Other issues were explored in the top June 2015 pop culture trends, of course, ranging from mental health to body confidence. Though tackled with humor and irreverence, each idea proves the effectiveness of pop culture as a platform for social change.