- Jun 28, 2015
These June 2015 fashion for men trends celebrate two opposing aesthetics that rebel against one another. While the month's minimalist fashions are taking a nostalgic and 90s-themed approach, its more daring looks are drawing inspiration from niche, pop culture themes.

Standouts include anime apparel collections that feature an abundance of cartoon graphics -- Xiaba's latest lookbook is inspired by iconic television series Dragon Ball Z -- along with normcore styles that opt for a more understated and simplistic approach. Other favorites include couture suit staples that shine a light on intricate craftsmanship and bespoke design practices.

While the past few seasons have embraced bare minimalism, these June 2015 fashion for men trends reflect the revival of opulence, whimsy and fantasy within the industry. Despite of economic despair, fashion is once again a creative outlet for many who view it as an extension of their personality.

From Whimsical Anime Apparel to Couture Suit Collections: