- Jul 8, 2019
Ridesharing was one of the most disruptive technologies during the time of its release as it offered a totally novel form of transportation to its users. Since then, companies have made changes to stay ahead of the curve, resulting in a number of innovative rideshare features to be adopted.

One of the new innovative rideshare features is Uber's inclusion of a Quiet Mode for Uber Black customers. This allows users the option to have a silent ride, giving users more control over their rideshare experience.

Another new feature in the industry is a calendar feature to the Waze Carpool app. The calendar feature allows users to schedule upcoming rides conveniently. This makes adopting carpool services easier and more organized.

Lastly, Uber's Helicopter service will be a novel feature that will be unique. The feature allows users to purchase a helicopter flight into Manhattan, for those with Platinum or Diamond status.

From Silent Rides to Helicopter Transportation: