From Vagabond-Esque Wear to Bag Lady Fashiontography

 - Nov 20, 2012
Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere and these hobo-chic clothing designs are proof that the downfalls of society can influence even the hottest fashionistas.

These fashionable wears draw their inspiration from the less fortunate and do so using high-quality materials to create garments that are garbage-esque but fashion-forward. It's an interesting relationship as few would link high fashion and mainstream photo spreads with the homeless. Nevertheless, these designs exude an obscure level of elegance that further develops the concept of trend-worthy clothing. Both women and men can find designs that help them to channel their inner hobo and push back on mainstream culture by shaking up the conventional definitions of clothing design.

The relationship between these fashions and the homeless themselves is far from close as the clothes are produced to resemble a life on the streets rather than actually living one.