- Apr 4, 2014
For lovers of gold, these gold-plated vehicles are must-buys. With the irresistible sheen given off by gold these vehicles will be travelling in style everywhere. Regular vehicles become extremely boring after a while, but once you get your first gold-plated vehicle, there will be no stopping the lust for shine that will ensue.

Gold plating vehicles can be on a very basic level of just gilding a bicycle. It will make for a very luxury pedal around the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. If gilding a bicycle isn't enough for you then you can jump up to getting your hands on a gold-plated luxury car. A gold-plated Porsche screams out that you are a high roller and that you are here to do business. No matter what kind of vehicle you decide to have gold-plated, you will be the envy of many.

From Gold-Plated Porches to $100,000 Bicycles: