From Solid Gold Supercar Killers to Gold-Plated Luxury Cars

 - Jun 13, 2013
Car enthusiasts looking to splurge on the most luxurious and expensive vehicles around will look no further, because these glamorously golden automobiles are outfitted with some of the most elegant and pricey materials you'll ever see.

While designer automobiles outfitted with exported materials and top-of-line engines are already extremely expensive to purchase, these gold-covered cars are taking extravagance to a whole other level. What better way to showcase your affinity for extreme luxury than by designing your automobile in solid gold material? From luxuriously embellished gold vehicles to gold-plated low-riders, these glamorously expensive automobiles will have any car enthusiast flocking to have a closer look.

Even though these cars are most likely unaffordable to the average buyer, their unmistakable charm and extravagant features will nonetheless make these vehicles something to strive for.