- Dec 4, 2011
A musical TV show dealing with teen pregnancy, sexual orientation, differently-abled youth and race issues might sound like a risky concept for primetime television, but the success of Fox's Glee continues to skyrocket, with much thanks to the talented and stunning girls of Glee seen in these photoshoots.

Funny woman Jane Lynch, Broadway star Lea Michele, and former back-up dancer for Beyonce Heather Morris are just a few of the lovely ladies who make up the female portion of Glee's cast, and as these shoots show, they're no stranger to the camera. From a Twiggy tribute shoot starring Dianna Agron, to a racy GQ editorial featuring Lea and Agron, the girls of Glee know how to keep things fresh and entertaining in front of the lens.

Check out these glamorous photoshoots starring the girls of Glee, and keep a look out for more from these talented ladies!

From Lusty School Gleeksters to Frazzle-Haired Celeb Shoots: