From Saturated Japanese Fashions to Cherry Blossom Editorials

 - May 28, 2013
Fashion editorials are always competing to be the brightest, boldest most exciting fashion stories on the pages of magazines, but Geisha editorials embody all of these characteristics effortlessly.

Japanese fashions are known for bold, flowing feminine ensembles and exotically beautiful backdrops. One of the most prominent fashion staples in Geisha editorials is the Kimono. These fine silk pieces are pattered in the boldest and most detailed of ways. It is the presence of these versatile pieces of clothing that sets Geisha editorials apart from other high-fashion photo stories.

From killer kimono couture to edgy Asian fashion these editorials showcase bright statement pieces and delicately flowing garments. If you enjoy bold fashion and stunning photography, your attention will immediately be transfixed on these stunning Geisha editorials.