From Space Alien Accessories to Cult Gamer Earrings

 - Feb 2, 2013
Gaming girls looking to add a few more accessories to their jewelry box are going to want to check out all of these geeky gamer jewelry features. The jewelry industry largely ignores gamers. This means that gamers must use alternative channels when looking for a Super Mario Bros. ring or a pair of Portal earrings. Fortunately, crafters and technology have stepped up to meet the increasing demand for video game-inspired necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

A common theme shared among all of these geeky gamer jewelry features is a nod towards retro games. There are a few modern titles (the aforementioned Portal), but most of these pieces of jewelry skew older. While retro games may have terrible graphics by today's standards, you can't argue that characters from these games don't look great when turned into earrings and necklaces.