From Sophisticated Nordic Catalogs to Fur-Clad Male Fashion

 - May 23, 2013
Despite the controversy surrounding the use of fur in fashion, designers are continuing to use this highly debated material on runways and catwalks, and these furry fashion looks demonstrates how fur is being utilized as accents to full-blown outfits.

One might wonder why designers would choose to use such a controversial source of material in their collections? One possibility could be the fact that fur always seems to garner a lot of attention, whether it be positive or negative. Therefore, incorporating fur into a clothing line is sure to attract a whole lot of media attention, which the designer will surely benefit from.

From furry Eskimo-inspired couture to bright neon-colored fur coats, these furry fashion looks will certainly catch the eye of both those who are opposed to the use of fur, as well as those who accept it.