- Sep 20, 2012
With the recent release of this year's Forbes 400, it's the perfect time to take a look at the homes that only the mega-rich can afford. These homes are from all over the world, but the exclusive location that they reside in make it so that the 99% usually don't get a look inside.

Generally, moguls live in opulent homes. Some of these mansions are located on man-made islands, while others don't need to be located on an island because they are an island -- complete with moat and drawbridge.

These houses are so enormous that it makes you wonder what the billionaires who live in them fill them with. Maybe they fill up the extra rooms with all their money, or maybe they just have a different bedroom for each day of the week.

Start saving up now, and maybe one day you too can enter the Forbes 400 and their exuberant homes.

Take a Look at Homes That Only the Forbes 400 Can Afford: