- Aug 23, 2013
As the weather warms up, flowers begin to bloom and fashion designers begin to incorporate more and more floral patterns into their trailblazing garments. From daisies and roses to cherry blossoms, all sorts of flower-related patterns and designs are taking over the collections of many designer runways.

Flowers are a simple, yet elegant, accessory to add to any summertime outfit. Flowers soak up the sun, are dainty pieces of nature and are full of color and so it’s no surprise that many designers turn to their beauty for the inspiration of their summer clothing collections. From floral-printed garments, blossom-themed photo shoots and botanic-inspired editorials, these floral designs are a great way to channel your inner Mother Nature and are perfect for summer time.

From Fabulously Floral Editorials to Boldly Botanical Menswear: