From Floral Couture to Witch-Inspired Footwear

 - Mar 5, 2013
In preparation for Spring, today's top trends hone in on the most coveted fashion looks and styles and floral couture is one that jumps out in every area from shoes, to ensembles to the pages of magazine editorials and accessories.

Starting at the top, bohemian woodland headpieces feature accents taken directly from nature. Blooming flowers, bursting plants and heavy moss sit atop a model's head to make a bold statement.

Cherry blossom editorials showcase a Geisha-like model in stunning, feminine floral suits. The outfits are crisp but still pay tribute to the warm and sunny weather that is right around the corner.

Iconic footwear brand Vans also borrowed from nature's beauty and created a line of shoes with prints of pastel roses. For more insight into what other fashion brands have in store for the spring season, you'll want to check out Trend Hunter's 2013 Consumer Reports.