From Ghostly Vintage Photography to Gothic 1920s Lingerie

 - Feb 3, 2012
While the 1950s may be the decade that is currently dominating the fashion industry, from the runways to magazine editorials, these flapper fashions demonstrate that the 1920s is always going to have its place in the fashion world.

Short bobs, fringed dresses and sleek finger waves are all gorgeous retro looks that continually make their way back into the mainstream of the fashion industry, and women everywhere are always grateful when they do.

This gorgeous look is so widely beloved and appreciated not only because of its comfort, but also for its sense of glamor. Rather than relying on tight bandage dresses and 6-inch stiletto heels to feel sexy, these flapper fashions let women rock loose-fitting, sparkly dresses and kitten heels to achieve an undeniably chic look.