- Jun 20, 2013
Fashion brands like Fendi and DKNY's 2014 summer resort collections feature dressed-up sportswear inspired by athletic garments. By nature, athletic wear is highly functional, breathable and designed for mobility, lending its wearer a chic and easy style. There are many interpretations of fashionable athletic wear, however, designers are taking these garments away from their origins on the sports fields and courts with embellishments like prints, sequins and patterns.

This is evident in editorials that show models outfitted in glamorous looks that would make activities like backpacking, horseback riding and surfing impossible because they are outfitted with so many accessories. Designs that turn sportswear into couture glamourously emulate athletic sports without actually having to partake in any of the sweat-inducing activities.

From Couture Backpacker Editorials to Sporty Tribal Fashion: