- Aug 30, 2013
While concrete material isn't normally considered a very stylish or appealing product, these DIY concrete projects are showcasing how some crafty techniques and a little imagination can turn any piece of concrete into a eye-catching design.

Concrete material is ordinarily found in the infrastructure and base of certain buildings, and its tough and industrial look is one of the reasons why incorporating them into DIY activities makes for such an interesting outcome. By infusing concrete into such unique products as planters, candle holders or technological accessories, individuals are able to create a very chic and long-lasting device that exudes creativity and originality.

From DIY minimalist cement clocks to stackable gradient candle holders, these DIY concrete projects will definitely offer arts and crafts enthusiasts a very unique way to infuse cement into their everyday products.

From DIY Concrete Illuminators to Upcycled Concrete Planters: