- Dec 26, 2014
These December 2014 media trends range from understated celeb editorials to wearable movie tributes. When looking at the month's fashion editorials, some of the industry's most daring celebrities are sporting a more toned down and subtle look for winter.

Though known for their wild and provocative styles, stars like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj appear on covers that feature retro-themed and childlike imagery. While Nicki unveils a more sophisticated version of her sultry look, Rihanna appears casually clothed and makeup-free in a recent feature.

When it comes to film culture, these December 2014 media trends include countless products that are inspired by iconic cinema. From hilarious character mugs to sweaters and statement tees that are adorned with memorable film quotes, these products celebrate popular titles and show one's love for their favorite movie.

From Understated Celeb Editorials to Wearable Movie Tributes: