From Pop Culture Plushies to Badass Vintage Denim

 - Jul 27, 2012
Give some glory back to an iconic crime-fighting hero by perusing these brawny Chuck Norris finds. What better way can devoted fans express their loyalty to this ginger deity than by taking the time to appreciate and applaud his influence on popular culture? Norris, who is most recognized for his role in Walker, Texas Ranger among other cameos and off-script movie appearances, is idolized by both the action-loving and health-conscious individuals in society.

Often described as the epitome of a "tough guy," Norris has been at the brunt of Internet memes, which aptly describe the impossible feats and implausible actions he is capable of. Maybe with the assistance of these brawny Chuck Norris finds, you too can garner the strength and the gall to be just like this iconic American figure -- although he is a ginger god and martial arts master.