- Jul 17, 2013
When it comes to mainstream fashion, sophisticated and well-designed ensembles are often the most sought-after looks, but these chic hobo styles are showcasing how the rugged and ripped-up looks of streetwear are making a bold visual impression on the runways.

The hobo fashion style is a very eclectic and unique type of clothing choice. The stark reference to the types of shabby ensembles that people without homes often resort to wearing on the streets is an eye-opening indication of how fashion is utilizing concepts from everyday America to connect with its consumers. By showcasing loose-fitted styles, mismatched ensembles and often ragtag looks, these chic hobo styles are targeting a whole new generation of fashionistas who are more interested in laid back ensembles than stuffy haute couture looks.

From hobo menswear lines to recycled pieces of clothing, these chic hobo styles will certainly make an impression with its rustic, streetwear references.

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