From Caged Bridal Couture to Wearable Skeletal Cages

 - Aug 15, 2013
Fashion designers are constantly searching for new ideas and inspirations for their clothing collections, and these curiously caged fashion designs are showcasing that inventive ideas can literally come from the strangest of places.

Cages are often associated with confined spaces that are used to trap certain animals or rodents, and while they hardly feature any kind of visual appeal, designers have been able to creatively morph these designs into chic haute couture looks. A cage looks similar to a skeletal structure of an object, featuring vertical lines that come together to form an enclosed space. By utilizing that framework on clothing, designers are able to create a visually stunning appearance, one that showcases outfits in a very restrictive yet futuristic manner.

From fierce cage couture to glowing structural garments, these creatively caged fashion designs are certainly taking ordinary clothing to a whole other level.