From Brooding Rockstar Editorials to Darkly Revolving Photoshoots

 - Jul 24, 2013
These brooding fashion editorials are utilizing certain dark and edgy emotional references as a way to connect with a much younger generation who can identify with these moody and unhappy themes.

Growing up isn't always the easiest process, and handling your teenage years with grace and a positive attitude isn't something that all kids can handle. That's why several teenagers often acquire that moody and unhappy overall appearance, since it often feels easier to portray a tough and nonchalant attitude than actually expressing how you're feeling. These brooding fashion editorials are some great examples of how dark and edgy emotional expressions can have an influential impact on readers, taking a very different approach from the more traditional and upbeat spreads.

From menacing menswear shoots to punk pride pictorials, these brooding fashion spreads will definitely connect with readers who can identify with these powerful emotional references.