Futuristic Bleached Blonde Dos and Angled Fringe Hairstyles

 - Apr 11, 2012
The angled blunt bob is making an appearance everywhere imaginable. Magazine covers, catwalks and red carpets are privy to some incredibly fierce cuts, and have revolutionized the way women interpret the allure of long hair. Whether highly tousled or done down pin straight, the bold look can be accentuated in numerous ways, making from some impressive displays of beauty.

The blunt bob is known for its brazen qualities. Slightly on the boyish side, the look is often strayed from in favor of something more dainty and more elongated. This style also draws greater attention to the facial region, which can make some feel slightly uncomfortable or exposed. These characteristics have made the hairstyle into an audacious choice, and yet these features all demonstrate a slew of ways in which it may be confidently sported.