From Greyscale Swimsuit Editorials to High Contrast Fashion

 - Jul 7, 2013
Black and white garments are basics for any season and prominent designers like Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors are made them staples of their Spring 2013 collections. The bold black and white palettes make for high contrast apparel that always looks crisp and modern.

Although outfits made up of a limited palette, the classic pairing is being used in tribal prints, printed patterns and simple stripes. Although these looks are devoid of color, there is nothing bland about them. The achromatic apparel provides the perfect base for the addition of colorful accessories and endless mixing and matching.

These practical black and white garments are modern must-haves for any wardrobes, and although the fashion industry moves quickly, these looks will not go out of style next season.