- May 18, 2009   Updated: Aug 4 2011
Before you go assuming bizarre belts are restricted to cheesy, over-sized cowboy belt buckles, you'd better have a click through this slideshow. In it you'll find an assortment of the most bizarre belts featured on Trend Hunter over time, from quirky belt buckles (think recycled retro cassette tapes) to belts worn in unsuspecting places like over the thigh on top of latex pants or on high heel shoes. Check them out below.

Implications - Consumers in modern society have so many different things to take care of that they don't have as much time as before to think about their appearance. Compact items like accessories appeal to those who still want to maintain their fashionable side despite their fast-paced lifestyle.

From Cassette Tape Buckles to High Heel Shoe Belts: