From Streaming Comedy Shows to Decadent Hotel Editorials

 - Apr 24, 2016
Just as spring is a season that brings on a spirit of regrowth and regeneration, many of the top April 2016 media ideas embrace the same notions of reinvention. Traditional media is being overhauled with body-positive magazine covers, Snapchat-based series and docu-series targeted specifically at young Millennial audiences. Some of the most noteworthy new series that have just been introduced include 'The Score' from Apple Music and Vice, which highlights local music cultures around the world, as well as 'The Characters,' an all-new original comedy show from Netflix.

As ever, pop culture permeates the world of fashion, marketing, food and more with editorials inspired by Jungle Book, cinematic movie simulators, TV character-inspired wines and orchestras set to the tune of iconic video game scores.