From Minimalist Rack Storage to Compact Kitchen Units

 - Apr 25, 2015
These April 2015 furniture trends range from minimalist storage units to cardboard-made kids' desks that are designed with user practicality and minimalism in mind. Embracing simplicity, these furniture concepts consider budget, urban living environments as well as a product's life span and prove that less is often more when it comes to contemporary decor.

Reduction is a powerful pattern discussed in 'Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas', a New York Times bestselling innovation book by keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche. This pattern is just one of the concepts highlighted by Gutsche who suggests that removing layers or simplifying one's business model can lead to success.

In the case of these April 2015 furniture trends, minimalism and simplification is key. With standouts like dual-purpose storage benches, waste-constructed chairs and flat-packed workspaces, simplicity and practicality win out over added frills, allowing users to truly focus on the functional elements of each piece.