The Apocalypse 2012 has Inspired Artists to Create Post-Apocalyptic Art

 - Dec 20, 2012
Between the rising popularity of the hit AMC TV show The Walking Dead and the Mayan prediction of the Apocalypse 2012, many artists have created short films, editorial spreads, tools and advertisements surrounding the impending "end of the world" on December, 21, 2012.

From Apocalypse-Inspired Time Lapses to Communal Apocalyptic Abodes, there is an innovation for every spectrum. Whether it’s an apocalyptic fashion style or a series of paintings dedicated to the end of the world, the obsession has infected a large amount of people.

Whether the end of the world will happen due to a zombie attack, an asteroid smashing into Earth or natural disasters destroying the land we live on, this world is obsessed with the idea of its demise.