- May 1, 2019
Dean Furman, a South Africa-based futurist has created the AI 4IR Game-- a board game that teaches players about Artificial Intelligence. It does not focus on the technical methodologies and algorithms underlying AI, instead, it focuses on what the creator deems to be far more important for most people. The game functions around what can be done with Artificial Intelligence, with real-life examples, while teaching how AI is disrupting different professions.

In the game, each player acquires a number of professions and then boosts their income by using various AI cards and disrupting their fellow players with disruption cards.

The game is not currently available in stores but is being used to train employees, students, and entrepreneurs. The game is patent-pending and is a great way for companies to learn and strategize how to implement AI. There are some fun challenges in the game, like singing, dancing, tongue twisters, which all relate to AI.

The AI 4IR Game Teaches Employees About AI and Disruption: