- May 7, 2009   Updated: Aug 3 2011
Whether it's through ads that are staged in inherently feminine or serene settings or more masculine photo shoots that emphasize decadence and extravagance, these innovations below emphasize our constant need for visual eye candy.

The images you'll see below largely feature the human body and the viewer's perceived fantasies. There are sexy swimwear spreads, banned ads, oral fixation photography, editorials that feature taboo relationships, Playboy costumes, girl-on-girl action and much, much more.

Implications - It's been long understood that sexuality is a beneficial way for advertisers to market their products therefore it's important to know and understand sex as a marketing tool. Consumers are always drawn into sexualized ads because it's something imaginative, interesting and there is usually something that people can relate to.

73 Steamy Takes On Sensuality In 2009: